Class Actions

At Chapin Legal Group, LLC our Columbus, Ohio class action attorneys represent groups of people that have been harmed by companies. Class actions are an important mechanism for holding companies accountable for violating the rights of consumers.

A class action is a lawsuit that includes a group (or class) of Plaintiffs that are harmed by a Defendant’s actions. Often times class actions include cases where many people were similarly harmed, but the individual damages are small. A class action provides a tool to include the entire of group that was harmed in one lawsuit.

Some examples of cases that are well suited for class actions include:

  • Robo calls from debt collectors or advertisers (when you are on do no call list)
  • Illegal background checks. When employers pull background reports without sending you a copy
  • Overcharges on a cable or cell phone bill
  • A company may claim a product is “Made in the USA” when it isn’t
  • Misleading or deceptive advertising
  • A bank that charges overdraft fees that violate the terms of the bank’s own policy

If you have a problem that you believe could serve as a class action, contact us online, or call. An Ohio class action attorney will discuss the matter with you for free.


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